A Church for the Whole Community

At WCCC we love God and we love others. We really don’t mind what you wear, how old or young you are, whether you’re single, married or single again, with or without kids. Why? Because our church is made up of people just like you; people in need of forgiveness, hope, truth and love, all of which are found in and through Jesus Christ.
Our church building doors are open! Each Sunday we hold two services:
an adult communion service at 9.45am, and a family-friendly service at 11.15am.
If you would like to join us then please use the booking form below each week, and tell us which service you would like to attend. (Please do read through our Covid-Update Page so that you know what will happen when you arrive.)
In the meantime, please feel free to take a look at our most recent messages from Pastor Glenn Wilson, given during this time of lockdown.
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Most Recent Talks in Lockdown

I really hope these short talks encourage you in some way during this time. 

If you are new here, then please feel free to introduce yourself and ask any questions you want through the contact box below.

Kindest Regards, Pastor Glenn Wilson

This isn't the end of the Story! 25/10/20
"Saviour Aware" - 18/10/20
"I have Prayed for You."  04/10/2020
'Return to Me' - 20/09/2020
'Inadequate Offerings' - 06/09/20
(Please ignore the picture, it still works!)
'Eternal Gain'  - 09/08
'Gathering Together' - 26/07/20
'You First' - July 5th 2020
What's Love Got To Do With It? - 21/06/2020
Face to face - 07/06/2020
Describing the Indescribable - 31/5/2020
He's Not Heavy -  24/4/2020 
Famous Last Words - 10/5/2020
When God Weighs In - 26/4/2020
"Stay Your Mind on Christ." - 11/10/20
'Partakers' - 28 / 09 / 2020
'Forward with Hope' - 13/09/2020
'Law and Love' - 16/08/2020 
Get the Horse Ready & Wait! - 02/08/2020
Promises, Promises - 12/07/2020
Tracked & Traced - 28/06/2020

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The Kingdom's Coming -14/06/2020
There's a Place at the Table - 5/4/2020
God's Mix Tape - 17/5/2020
What do Christians bring to the table? 3/5/2020
El Shaddai - God Almighty - 19/4/2020
He'll Never Let Go Of Your Hand



We are an independent church and not affiliated with any church denomination, but we do work closely with other churches in the area to help people find and follow Christ in Wyke and beyond. 

Please click here for a summary of our beliefs.

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