The Struggle for Light

The famous French architect Le Corbusier, was once quoted as saying: “The history of architecture is the history of the struggle for light.”

Reflecting on this I began to consider that the expression of our faith in Christ, and architecture may have a shared history. In a world where it seems darkness envelops so much, is it not the followers of Jesus who have always engaged in this struggle for light? This is our history, the struggle to carry light into the darkest places and thereby bringing the possibility of hope to all those we find living there.

It was the apostle Paul who wrote in 1st Corinthians chapter 11, in his now famous passage often used during communion services: “For what I received from the LORD I deliver to you.”

The simple expression of your faith is so often found in delivering to others what you yourself have already received. As a follower of Jesus Christ you are the light of the world, and where you go darkness has to flee, for our light refuses to be extinguished.

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