Next Steps

If you are wondering what to do next, then hopefully we can help you take a step of faith. Whether it's for the first time, or another step in your journey, we are here to help. 

Begin following Jesus

We believe Jesus wants to bring the best change to your life, and that he’s paved the way back to God for you.

Jesus himself said:

I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know my Father as well.
JOHN 14:6

Follow the link to find out more.

Already Joined the Family?  Now join the mission!

One of the best ways to grow your faith is to get involved. We have a number of opportunities for you to join the mission of our church and be a part of our call to help people find and follow Christ. 

There’s room for everyone, and even

if you’re not sure about Christianity yet, we’ve got a place for you to serve.

Speak with Pastor Glenn Wilson or ask for more information through the contact button. It will be great to hear from you.

Engage, Evanagelise, Establish.

What do you do when you discover a great place to eat or drink? Or when you've read a great book or found a new app for your phone? You tell a friend.

Let's do that with regards to our faith - let's not keep the good-news to ourselves, and instead help others take another step towards the cross.

Why not make an intentional effort to engage people - to build trusted relationships with those around you. As you share your life, you will have opportunity to evangelise - to talk with them about the good-news that has changed your life. Then hopefully, you will be able help others become established in their faith as they begin to follow Jesus Christ too. 

Join a Life Group

Our Life Groups change and develop throughout the year to ensure there are groups for each stage of life and faith.

Life Groups give you the opportunity to explore your faith within a smaller group of people who will support you on your faith journey, as well as you supporting them!

See the Life Group notice board in the church or contact the office for more details.