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December 2021


Covid - most recent guidance

As you may be aware, although we have a successful vaccination programme up and running in the UK, there are still a rapidly increasing number of cases of the covid virus. You will also understand that levels of immunity will vary amongst our congregation and community, and some people will continue to be significantly vulnerable to the virus and its potential long-term effects.

It now appears that the omicron variant is impacting the previous precautionary measures the government had introduced, and as such plan B is being put into operation from Friday December 10th.

The only thing that is clear at the moment regarding gathering together for worship, is that face coverings are once again mandatory in a worship setting, exactly how, and in what sense this affects singing is currently being discussed by the government, and will hopefully be finalised by the end of the day. No further guidance has yet been finalised, and nor is it expected to be until Tuesday the 14th of December.

At WCCC we believe that everyone is known and loved individually by God, and as such, we are called to be responsible to and for one another, especially the more vulnerable ones amongst us. It may be that we are once again being asked by the government to take even more personal responsibility around coronavirus, but as a follower of Christ it is the love of Christ that compels us into action, even before we are compelled to adhere to government restrictions. As such we will require anyone attending a service at WCCC to wear a face covering until further notice unless you are exempt from doing so.


As soon as the guidance has been finalised by government and filtered down, we will let you know of any and all updates.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in what is a confusing and complex situation.

God bless you and keep you

Kindest regards

Pastor Glenn Wilson

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